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Our Story

Mohammad and Rokshana Islam immigrated to the United States in the late 1990s in hopes of achieving the American dream. As for the generation of immigrants, both of them decided to use education as a tool to better their future. In order to provide for their families while they were students, both Mohammed and Rokshana worked in the security field for the duration of their undergrad education. After graduation, both of them decided to work in the Computer science field. After the 9/11 attack, when both Mohammed and Rokshana became unemployed due to being profiled, they decided to return to the roots that helped them achieve the American dream in the first place.


In 2002, both of them decided to let go of the pursuit of the ideal American dream and build their own version of it. Finally, in the spring of 2002, they established the first Asian and Bengali-owned security guard training school geared toward supporting immigrants and minorities. They both worked full-time as security guards at night and operated a training school during the day, relentlessly supporting not only themselves but their community. Over the past twenty years, this has continued to be the practice we preserve at SCI.

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